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We are the Edgeley Community Association (ECA). A legally registered political party and a political group within Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. In line with our constitution, we act for the welfare and common good of both the Edgeley Ward and the Borough of Stockport.

The Edgeley Community Association was formed in December 2022 by a group of residents. It is a community forum with local focus. Our aim is to encourage collaboration and to address the priorities set by the community - holding the Council to account on public realm issues, housing and our local economy; working with Greater Manchester Police on crime and public order; and bringing together people, faith groups and voluntary and community organisations to help work on local history, culture, arts and public events.

In May 2023 the Edgeley Community Association contested the local elections in Stockport and were successful in winning all three seats in the Edgeley Ward.

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In accordance with our constitution, we act within the defined boundary of the Edgeley Ward which also includes part of Cheadle Heath.

We host open public meetings every six weeks at venues across the Ward. Please see details in the Meetings section for more information.

We believe that a local Councillor’s first duty is to represent the Ward – focussing on matters that impact you, your family and our community. As an independent party, we are not beholden to the political whip. We work hard trying to do the basic things well and putting Edgeley first all year round. We don’t take a single vote for granted.

Register to Vote

It usually takes about 5 minutes to register, enabling you to vote in both Local and National elections.

If you are unable or don't want to vote in person at a polling station, you can also apply for a postal vote which can be sent free post to the Electoral Officer

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